Commercial Finance Options

Date Tue 10 January 2017 By Nora Category misc.

AEX Commercial Financing Group is very active in publishing straightforward and timely comments about the current state of commercial lending for working capital loans, merchant snabblån cash advances and commercial real estate financing. One of the primary locations for viewing our comments is The Working Capital Journal. On this special comments page, we will provide a concise summary featuring a limited number of comments that we consider to be of special interest for most small business owners.

New Business Financing Sources Many business owners throughout the United States are being routinely informed by their current lenders that they cannot provide needed working capital and commercial loans. While there ARE new commercial funding sources that can help eliminate this serious commercial finance problem, we do not want to suggest that even the most effective of the new commercial financing sources will be able to help all businesses. Small business financing solutions are likely to depend on a combination of business activities, type of financing, business location, cash flow, overall financial condition, operating history and amount of capital needed. Some of the best commercial loan sources are operating regionally rather than nationally. Although the need to find new business funding sources is an inconvenience for commercial borrowers, business owners need to be reminded of the happy ending to this story — there ARE a number of effective commercial lenders currently active in making business loans to most typical small businesses.

Short Term Working Capital

Merchant cash advance programs which provide cash based on projected future credit card processing are one of the most effective short term working capital funding strategies we have seen during the recent financial chaos. We have published a practical overview of this successful working capital financing approach. Key problems which should be avoided with credit card factoring are highlighted in the summary. AEX Commercial Financing Group has eliminated all of these problems from their Business Cash Advance Program.

There are also some new working capital funding options that are realistic alternatives to merchant cash advance programs. For example, many businesses primarily sell their products directly to other businesses and do not accept credit cards as a form of payment (and are therefore unable to use business credit card advances to obtain working capital). One new short-term commercial loan program available through AEX is designed for business borrowers needing a working capital loan from $25,000 (smaller amounts also possible) to $100,000 for up to one year. This program is available to businesses regardless of whether they accept credit cards as a form of customer payment.