5 Ways To Boost Your Image With Social Media

Date Fri 06 January 2017 By Nora Category misc.

It’s official. Social media is no longer just some fad for teenagers and nerds online. influencer marketing It has now become a multibillion dollar industry this largely due to business sector undergoing a paradigm shift in the way they interact with customers.. Studies project Facebook ad revenue to rival Google in the near future. The Social Media People cover the essential steps you need to take to take your social presence to new heights.

  1. Personas & Branding. When you set out creating your profiles, The Social Media People recommend catering to the market or audience you are selling to or trying to connect with. The pictures you showcase on your social media profiles should resonate with what you are aiming for, if you are a white collar employee it’s best to be seen in business , office attire where as if you where working for a young start up. Any suit related wear would get laughed at.

2.Tweet =PR . Now here lies the danger in evaluating the return of investment . Social media in essence should be used as a tool to spread a message. Tweets only allow 140 characters of text therefore break down your information into bitesize chunks that can easily be digested. Every tweet ever posted has the potential to go viral and cause a flood of free traffic through word 0f mouth advertising. The reach of one captivating tweet that offers value to the reader or forces the raeder to read more has the potential to go viral. This does not mean you are exempt from social etiquette. Our experts at the Social Media People will reveal the nature of social etiquette in the rest of this article.

  1. Brand Management. One of the most overlooked aspects of brand management is simply using good ol Google, Bing and Yahoo to check what your current reputation is. Simply type your brand name in quotation marks to get a general overview of what’s out there in cyberspace.

4.Social Reach. One knock on social media is the inability to provide quantifiable metrics outside of obvious likes, followers and shares. Fortunately for you The Social Media People recommend using service such as Naymz and Klout to determine exactly what Klout score you have to determine your messages amplification. You can also view what your competitors Klout scores as well for competitive analysis.

5.Automation. As a digital management company The Social Media People know a thing about automating your presence online. Hence you should invest in creating tweets prior to posting and also invest in using social management platforms like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck. The seemless integration of these different social profiles makes it easy to update and keep everything central aand also schedule tweets for future posting. You can leave you Hootsuite running and come back to check on it when you are done. Any response can be dealt with in realtime as well. Another important note is to include relevant useful information within your tweets and Facebooks updates. This will encourage engagement with your target market.