Top 5 Security Question To Ask Before Buying A Computer

Date Wed 07 December 2016 By Nora Category misc.

Computers are specialized into different categories. As a Blogger you need a computer for blogging and not a computer for gaming, if you are into Programming you need a computer for programming not that of a Blogger and if you are a Game Addict you need a computer for a gamer and not that of a blogger. This is an article sponsored by Gather

Thousands of computer users make lot of mistakes with the kind of computers they do buy and on the long-run they all end changing a computer every six weeks and start regretting why they made a choice of buying a computer at first.

To buy a computer and for it to last longer you are to put these five things i will be listing down for you into considerations.

1.) What Do I Want To Use It For.

2.) I Am Going To End Up Changing My Computer Every Six Months?

3.) Where Are My Going To Use It? 

4.) What Is My Budget For The Computer I Want To Buy.

5.) How Do I Protect My Computer After Buying It. 

Putting these five things listed above into consideration will help you get the best and long lasting computer for yourself. actually i will explain these five things you have to put into consideration for you, so that you can get more knowledge about what the article is all about.

5 Things To Put Into Consideration Before Buying A Computer.

1.) What Do I want to Use it for?

A computer is a device used by different kind of people. The programmers, Bloggers, Home Computer Users, Game Lovers and much more. Which i have said lately that different computer users needs there type of computer.

I will take myself as an example, i use my computer for nothing else than blogging, therefore i can use any kind of computer. But for a gamer and a programmer they need a computer with at-least, a good processor with a speed of 3+GHz, a 4,5,6 to 8GB RAM, a good hard drive with 500GB to 1terabyte Hard drive. Why is it that they need all this?

2.) Are You Going To End Up Changing Your Computer Every Six Months?

No you are not suppose to be changing your computer every six weeks, ones you get the best computer then that question is solved.

Actually it will be hard for a Computer Newbie to maintain his/her first computer, if you are buying a computer for the very first time you have to encounter some damages before you will adapt with the computer nature.

3.) Where Do You Plan To Use Your Computer?

Is your computer planned to be used at home or is it planned to be used in a private/Public office? if you are to buy a computer that needs to be used in your working place, then i think you have to go for a desktop or the main computer instead of a laptop. Then if you     are to use your computer at home, i will highly advice you to go for a laptop instead.

This is actually one of the greatest mistake most computer users makes, you don’t use a laptop in a public office, why? it isn’t that it is not possible for you to use a laptop in an office, but do you consider the inconvenience it gives to you other than a laptop?

4.) What is my Budget For The Computer I want To Buy? 

How much is your income? as a programmer or a video game lover you have to go for a laptop or desktop that is okay. Your Income will determine the kind of laptop or desktop you want to use for your qualification.

For instance, A programmer needs a computer with 6 to 8GB RAM, and to get a computer like that you need like $800 to $1000. I am so sure that most newbie won’t be able to afford that kind of laptop.

5.) How Do I Protect My Computer After Buying It? 

What a Terrific (Awesome) question. Actually a computer without an Anti-virus software is just like a wife without her husband….:). Are you a newbie? If your answer is yes, then read this carefully.

Your computer can’t stay without an Anti-virus software for a month without getting corrupted. to prevent this you have to get and a good Anti-Virus software for your computer or-else you will end up regretting why you bought a computer in the first place. i have written a list of free and paid anti-virus software’s you can download for your computer.