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Asus U2E is the ultra portable luxury notebook aimed at frequent travelers computer cooling stand. This notebook does make a style statement in its segment and comes with very good features given the constraint in terms of size and weight that are levied upon it.

If you are in for a laptop where style and features compel you to decide, the high price tag not being a negative parameter then this model priced at $2000 odd deserves your attention. Being one of the smallest and thinnest laptops around and having good utility features like built in optical drive and quite a number of ports that any user would need is by no means an easy task. On those grounds Asus U2E is a definite leader.


U2E is the epitome of style that the modern day executive in you craves for. At 11 inch wide and about 3 pounds in weight, the Asus U2E is crafted elegantly with some stunning looks. The use of metal is just about perfect. The show stealer though is the black genuine leather used in the laptop. That accentuates the beauty of the small yet conspicuous Asus U2E.

It’s a charm to place the palms on the black leather palm rests that’s flawlessly designed for extreme comfort.

There is a stainless steel frame surrounding the notebook chasis that provides extra strength and durability to the Asus U2E. This intelligent use of metal enhances the aesthetic appeal of the laptop.


This Asus model comes with an 11.1” screen that makes use of the backlit LED technology. Use of the LED backlit technology drains less of battery power and thus improves the life of your battery when on transit. Use of LED increases the brightness of the screen without much increase in the thickness of the screen.

The screen seems to be very good with some excellent viewing angle range. The horizontal and direct viewing angles are very good whereas the vertical viewing angles are average.

The keyboard accompanying the notebook is sturdy. The keys have a nice travel and do make any irritating sound while pressing. The touchpad has a large surface area and the buttons feel comfortable to the fingers. The machine is loaded with a biometric fingerprint reader, nowadays common in business notebooks. You need not type in your password to run the application. You can get instant access by swiping your finger. The reader checks your identity and then gives access to the resources.

Asus has compromised with the number of ports to attain the small size. One notable port available is the HDMI output port. This port is to be used to connect to an external display. However you won’t find an IEEE 1394 fire wire port with U2E. That’s a down point for the digital video processing capability of the machine.

Express Card/34 slot, 8-in-1 digital media card reader, HDMI output, three USB 2.0, microphone, RJ-11 (modem), VGA output and Ethernet port are the ones you will find with Asus U2E.

U2E uses an ULV processor. ULV processors are not known as much for their processing powers as they are known for their frugal use of battery power. The processor combined with the inbuilt X3100 graphics facility is certainly not the recipe to high end modern 3D gaming.

And that is certainly not to complain about because Asus is very clear about the target market and in this case it is on the fly business executive.


Audio quality via the built in audio system is dismal to say the least. So this is not going to second up as an entertainment edition for you. The audio quality through the headphone jack however is very clear. The sound through the headphone was crisp and free from noise.

Use of ULV processors contributes towards controlling the heat generated by the system under stressful conditions. Asus U2E generates very less heat and gets thumbs up from that perspective.

You will find two battery options with an Asus U2E. One is the standard 3-Cell battery and the other is the extended life 9-Cell battery. Asus claims that the 9-Cell battery is good for 6 hours of work whereas the 3-Cell battery can power up your laptop for about 2 hours. So if you are willing to go ahead with a little more money and weight then 9-Cell extended life battery is recommended.

So is this for you?

If you are looking for a laptop that is stylish on one hand and scores well utility wise on the other, with a budget around $2000 then U2E is a good option. Sturdy build combined with good keyboard and other aesthetics make the U2E an enviable machine. However remember that the machine is not designed to be a desktop replacement. So please do not expect very high end processing capabilities from this notebook.

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